and wander

and wander







「山で遊ぶ楽しさ」はand wander設立時からの一貫した理念であり、毎シーズンのコレクションの制作をはじめ、ユーザー参加型のハイキングクラブの運営などさまざまな形で活動している

to be rained upon

caught in wind

or simply trekking

the mountain is fun

and wander was launched in 2010 by two designers, Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, who worked together as designers at ISSEY MIYAKE. This brand was born of a strong passion of the two founders: for making “fashion in the nature/mountains just as enjoyable as the everyday fashion”. We have been pursuing to offer sophisticated items with the blend of high-fashion style that stimulates the consumers’ sensibilities within the functionality and practicality of outdoor clothing.

Since we understand the pleasure of hiking in the mountains from our own experience, and wander items are made with durable, light-weight materials with water-resistance and wind protection, not to mention the unique coloring that harmonize with nature, yet, giving fresh impression in town. Based on our insights gained from the field tests conducted both in Japan and overseas, we have been creating quality items through a precise pattern cutting technique and practical design details that ensures comfort.

“The pleasure of playing in the mountains” has been our brand’s philosophy from the day one. From creating a new collection of items every season to operating user-participatory hiking clubs, and wander is actively engaging in various activities in every possible way.